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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is something I feel very passionate about as much of my practice is based on the latest findings from neuroscience,  a topic which I find fascinating.

A recent discovery is the acknowledgement that the adult brain is much more flexible that we ever thought, this means that the brain has capacity to change, recover from physical and mental damage and effectively rewire itself to bring positive changes in our thinking and behaviour.  Isn’t this amazing? Our brains are in fact adaptable like plastic and this is known as neuroplasticity. To explain, the brain is made up of millions of pathways, pathways that we travel down every time we think, feel and behave. Some pathways we use more than others such as established habits, here the pathways are well worn as we have established ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Each time we travel down this pathway we strengthen it and this makes it easier to travel down.

If we decide that we want to make a change, would like to take on a new task or a challenge, if we decide we would like to think in a different way or feel alternative emotions we find ourselves starting to make a new pathway, a new road. The more often we go down that route the easier it will get as the changes we want to achieve start to become established. As we are using the old pathway less and less it gradually becomes weakened as we rewire new connections.

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So how can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help?

Many of us may think, “Well this is the way I am; I can’t change, I’m stuck like this ”, but yes, we can make changes, as we know that the brain is not fixed but is constantly rewiring itself.

The first step is wanting to change, we don’t have to believe that we can change but we have to want to change. Change can be scary and daunting, it is also exciting and liberating and opens up new opportunities.

Let me give you an example: A client came seeking help as she wanted to put herself forward for a job promotion, however, she convinced herself that she was not up to the challenge, even though deep down she knew that she was capable of undertaking the job. She told herself that her colleagues were probably better than her and just the thought of going through the interview process made her feel nervous and anxious. She had over the years missed many opportunities to gain promotion as she talked herself into a negative state.

Through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy she identified that her goal was to build confidence so that she could apply for promotion.

During sessions we discussed how the brain worked i.e. in the past rather than take a new pathway the brain preferred to stick to the old pathway, the easy and comfortable pathway of staying put in her current job, which felt safe and comfortable (the brain often doesn’t like change as it may see it as a potential threat). Negative thoughts and feelings associated with this became reinforced in her brain so whenever she thought about applying for promotion she became anxious and did nothing. We discussed that when we want to make changes, when we want to create a new pathway, we must first of all tell our brain that this is the new way we want to go so we can begin to take the first steps.

Hypnosis itself allows us to process thoughts and ideas; solutions discussed can be explored and utilised by the brain for positive benefit and as the brain always likes to find solutions we begin to find it easier and easier to move in the desired direction. The more we go down the new pathway the more it becomes embedded and easier to navigate, the old pathway becoming redundant.

By telling our brain what we want not what we don’t want we begin to change the way we think, feel and behave. Happily it wasn’t long before my client gained the confidence to put herself forward for promotion.

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