Happy New Year 2020 !

The Power of your Imagination.

For many cultures the 1st of January is the start of a New Year. A time when we often reflect on the past year and significant events that have brought us joy or happiness as well as challenges or difficulties.

It’s a time when we look forward, perhaps thinking of new things we would like to do or things we would like to change. The beginning of a new year often gives us hope that these can be achieved.

When we are reflecting and using our imagination to consider new possibilities we are actually taking the first steps toward bringing about change. We are telling our brain that this is what we would like our preferred future to look like.   Our imagination allows us to play things out in our mind so that anything is possible. Muhammad Ali the famous World Heavy Weight boxer would frequently predict how he would win his fights by using intense visualisation to imagine how he would beat his opponent. Frequently he would go on to win!

Taking time out to relax or even daydream is vital, it allows our brain to rest, though contrary to what we might think, research shows that during this time the brain is actively creative and productive, helping us to reflect on the past and make future plans.

During Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we look at what you want to achieve (the solution) rather than analysing the problem and encourage you to use your imagination in this process. As you are guided into a deep level of relaxation during hypnosis the mind can visualise and reflect on those solutions and ideas discussed bringing about change and positive benefit.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!