Hypnosis – what does it feel like?

Some people may feel anxious about hypnotherapy unsure about what is involved and this is understandable. Clients however,  frequently tell me how much they really enjoy the process of hypnosis – feeling able to switch off and relax fully, waking feeling refreshed and invigorated.


One client explained their experience of hypnosis to me :

its unexpected, any preconceived notions are washed away, there’s no swinging watch on a chain or ‘look into my eyes’ kind of nonsense, its all rather ordinary until you start to feel calm and relaxed and really rather good. At the end of the session I was rather sad as I was in such a nice place mentally I wanted to stay, I enjoyed the feeling it left me with. On waking I felt similar to when I have woken from a really good sleep, a feeling of ease. And when you feel able to trust the therapist you are engaging with you benefit surprisingly in a way you didn’t think you could ”

During hypnosis I will put on some lovely calm background music, the lighting in the room is subdued and you are invited to rest back in a comfortable reclining chair. When you’re ready I will guide you, via mental imagery to relax and enter into a wonderful natural state of calm and deep relaxation. You will find that any anxiety is reduced and your brain can focus its attention, visualise, process and reflect on the thoughts from our discussions.  During this time the brain is at its most creative as it seeks to make connections and resolve problems and issues – bringing about the significant positive changes that you are seeking.

This trance like state is completely natural and safe. You are not unconscious and can bring yourself out of trance at any time

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