Excessive worrying

I’m sure we all know someone who appears to go through life seemingly with few worries, they seem to cope with whatever comes their way and spend little time getting worked up about things. Don’t many of us wish we could be a bit more like this ?

It’s natural to worry, there is an endless list of things we can brood and mull over,  job security, health, family and so it goes on.  For some worrying can really take over as we ruminate on past problems or worry endlessly about the future.

Time spent worrying though is often unproductive as we rarely achieve solutions if we are working ourselves up into a panic.   Worrying can make us feel distressed, may wake us up in the small hours unable to get back to sleep and can ultimately affect our health and general well being.

Also, if we have a natural tendency to regard life’s ups and downs with a negative outlook rather than a positive outlook then we are more likely to struggle with worry.

What helps?

One of the things we talk about during hypnotherapy sessions is the value of what we call the 3 P’s for helping us feel better :-

Positive action…doing something we enjoy,  like taking a walk, helping a friend out, exercise.

Positive interaction….time spent laughing with friends, enjoying the company of others.

Positive thoughts …..replacing negative thoughts, for example from…… I can’t, I’m not..… to…… I can, I am.

We do this because by practising these 3 P’s every day we are ensuring that we are producing Serotonin the feel good hormone.

Serotonin makes us brave, happy, optimistic and helps us cope better. It also helps reduces anxiety so we are more likely to be operating from our positive, intellectual mind.

If we are using our intellectual mind rather than our negative mind we will find ourselves taking a more positive perspective in relation to our concerns and notice that we start to worry less. The more we do this the easier it becomes as we create new patterns in our thinking.

If you feel that excessive worrying is impacting your wellbeing please do get in touch for a free no obligation chat to find out how hypnotherapy can help.

Best wishes,