Online Hypnotherapy

Since Covid 19 and the need to prevent the possible transmission of the virus, I have taken my hypnotherapy practice online.

You may wonder how can I have hypnotherapy online, how does that work?

If you are already familiar with zoom you will know that it is is a web based platform that allows us to have online meetings that are private and confidential.

I will simply email you a private link which you will click on and you will instantly join me in our meeting. You do not need to download the zoom app. You will see me and I will see you on the screen of your device. You can use your mobile phone, iPad or any other device. Its very straightforward.

Sessions are the same as if we were face to face, however,  you will of course be in the comfort of your own home or private space.

The process is very simple, though you need to have good internet access and a private space where you won’t be disturbed.   You will also need to position the device so that I can see you.

If for any reason we lose internet connection I will simply contact you on your mobile phone and we will re-connect.

I have been having good results with my online hypnotherapy even when clients have felt an initial hesitancy.

Hypnotherapy is wonderful for helping people make positive changes, whatever they might be. Please do get in touch if you would like to know a bit more. I offer a free confidential telephone chat prior to our first appointment.

Best wishes,