Sessions & Fees

What to expect during sessions and how does it work?

 Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation (1 hour), we will discuss your concerns, what you would like to achieve , how you would like things to be different and identify your best hopes and goals. I will explain in detail how the brain works in relation to your experiences. This explanation will help you to understand some of the reasons why we think, feel and behave in the way we do and what we can do to help bring about positive changes.

This is a time for us to get to know each other and an opportunity for you to ask any questions, so that you feel completely comfortable and confident about the process.

You will be provided with a relaxation recording which will support sessions.

No hypnosis takes place at the initial consultation.

Typical sessions

At subsequent sessions ( 50 mins to 1 hour)  we begin by talking about what has been better since the previous session and any changes that have taken place.

I will discuss how the brain works in relation to your concerns and use solution focused questions, focusing on the present and future, helping you to identify your strengths, skills and resources, allowing you to focus on your goals.

You will then be invited to relax in a comfortable reclining chair and be guided gently into a relaxing trance state. During this restful time your subconscious will be working hard in helping you move forward to achieve your goals.

The wellbeing of my clients is paramount. All consultations are conducted in complete confidence.


Initial consultation 60 mins 500 aed + Relaxation recording
Subsequent Sessions 60 mins 500 aed
Stop smoking session (takes place in 1 single session ) 90-120 mins 1000 aed

Stop smoking is a one-off session that does not require an initial consultation.